Tuesday, March 01, 2011

North Fork American starts March 2011

On my way down Hwy 80 after a day of snowboarding to enjoy the fresh powder of "Snowmagedon" (the latest and most amazing snow storm in a decade that dropped 2 feet of snow at 3,000 ft. and over 10 ft. on the Sierra summit), I drove down to the Iowa Hill bridge to check out the flows on the North Fork American River.

north fork american white water in california

I found snow at the put-in and a rising river that will be more than ready to deliver solid class 4 whitewater that should easily last through May.

white water rafting on north fork american

Information on the beautiful North Fork American can be found at several resources including:

  • C-W-R (California Whitewater Rafting) info site
  • RAFTWET (W.E.T. River Trips) WET's official website
  • CACreeks (All kinds of creeks and rivers) private rafters and kayak site
  • Rafting Online Store (Buy Now!) for WET River Trips
north fork american sidecreek

Get your friends together and come on out for California's best river trips this spring.
The river is ready and so are we as we start our whitewater trips starting this weekend on March 5, 2011!

north fork american river signage

All photos by Poppah Jah from his Picasa album and uploaded from W.E.T. River Trips blogging staff for this blog, the official California Whitewater Rafting blog for our company.

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