Tuesday, December 06, 2005

High Water on South Fork American River

Brrrrrr! It's hella cold. Good for a great base on the ski slopes. Storms are happening and the North Fork American came screaming up in flows. I'm not sure who or what went down the other day when the rains sent the gauge up to 15,000 cfs. Imagine that narrow corridor in that rocky canyon.

Where does the water go when it's that high? Upwards! I heard there were some kayakers attempting it... not sure which portion or if it's just a rumor... that's the thing about river rumors... there's always an element of truth. Did so-and-so really do that descent? Did that company really raft at those flows?

... went over to the South Fork American this past weekend to check out the flows and the beautiful winter scenery. Oh, yeeehhhh... the kayakers were out in the chilly air enjoying the river to themselves. This is such a great time for 'yakers... no commercial activity; just paddle in hand enjoying the river. Calls are coming into the office for early spring trips on the North Fork American and Cal Salmon trips. Weather is starting to promise a great river rafting season for 2006... oh, and by the way, Ryan Mac made it down to Brazil safe and sound. Logistics will be set and the first trips will start on Christmas day. Good luck to the "Chasing 50" Team!

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