Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Photography & National Parks

Photos and pictures of rafting and nature in general have really livened up all adventure sports websites. Looking at photos of rivers, streams and more really support the old adage,"A picture is worth a thousand words!" In the lastest edition of Outdoor Photographer, David Meunch is featured along with his latest book,"Our National Parks," a beautiful picture book about our national treasures. He talks about his favorite places to work and photograph and the imagery is just stunning.

Our National Park system was started in 1916 when Congress placed Yellowstone National Park under the protection of the National Park Service. What makes this book so important now, is the proposal from our current adminstration to actually "sell-off" National Park lands to pay our current debts in our country. This is alarming in that these National treasures will never be replaced.

Photographers and our National Parks and all natural places in our country have worked hand-in-hand to bring imagery to the populace. For those of you who may never see all the parks in your lifetime, Meunch's book is a revelation. We need more photographers to help remind the public how precious our natural resources truely are, and nudge us gently towards protecting these resources for our future generations.

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