Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Watching the 2006 Olympics

We've been watching the Olympics and marveling at the athletes. This is armchair activity at its best! Not many of us can ski like Bode Miller or snowboard like Shaun White. So we watch and we are amazed and we dream about those past athletic accomplishments in our own time. We like to keep a hand in the thrill by taking a whitewater rafting trip, or kayaking in the ocean, or crawling up a climbing wall, or just going fast on a motorcycle. We are all thrill seekers. Seekers of adrenaline.

This spring, W.E.T. will start on the North Fork American on March 18th which coincides with the start on the South Fork American. Spring weather has already arrived and the anticipation of whitewater thrills is closely approaching. We are looking forward to greeting our past guests and friends.

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