Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wilderness River Trips

Unusually warm days are occurring in Central California. Yesterday reached 72 degrees in the valley. Blue skies, sun and daffodils blooming everywhere! Spring is coming fast. This year, W.E.T. River Trips is featuring several wilderness river trips including the 2 day Middle Fork American for a great introduction to whitewater rafting and camping trips; 2 day South Fork American on the BLM campsite for families with children who are gearing up for multiple day river trips; 3 day Middle Fork American for camping, hiking and rafting trips; and the 5 day Klamath River in the Great Northern California region.

Overnight wilderness rafting is a total joy from the first dip of your paddle into the river, to the star-filled night on the beach while camping, to the wonderous sound of silence where no auditory assaults enter the ears; the only sound you hear while camping on the river is the roar of the whitewater while it cascades over the rocks. River time approaches and each participant slows down to the gentle bobbing of the rafts. No watches, no cell phones, no blackberries and just you and your loved ones and friends floating and rafting with each other. This is a wilderness river trip.

Best bargain this year is the 3 day American River Combo or 3 day Middle Fork American River trip. Just enough time to experience a real river trip and just enough to acclimate for the longer rafting trips in other parts of the country.

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