Thursday, February 01, 2007

Auburn Dam, G'night

10 billion dollar price tag for the Auburn Dam is just too much for too little. Doolittle's own requested research has shown what an incredible waste of tax payers money and time would be spent on this dumb project. Keep in mind, too, that this project study is based on a 1978 dam design that may or may not even "hold water" today. Is the economic impact of whitewater recreation and other recreational uses be willingly sacrificed? Is the loss of a wild and scenic canyon and its natural rivers such as the North Fork American be sacrificed for so little?

Will Doolittle and his dam cohorts finally give up this pipe dream? Is 10 billion dollars for only 1/2 the water storage, his team had originally been claiming, be worth the trip to the taxpayers? And how will they address the fact that no one or no entity will step forward to even purchase this water? And will they hear their own research that the flood protection doesn't even exist with this project?

Or will Doolittle cite another Michael Crichton story to discredit the science and research of his own requested study?


brthomas said...

Auburn Dam supporters have published another article today and I’ve written a rebuttal.

Auburn Dam - High Costs and High Risks

brthomas said...

Here is a list of bloggers opposing Auburn Dam. Please add this info to your list of links. If we all link to each other and post comments on each others' blogs we will all get higher ranks in the search engines and get our message out to more readers and more voters.

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brthomas said...

Here are some more reasons to oppose Auburn Dam in my
Auburn Dam Directory - websites described from an environmental perspective and a taxpayer perspective. Please let me know about any other websites that should be added to the directory.

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