Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big Snow = W.E.T. Rivers

After the driest January in the recorded history of California, a new WET world has dawned in the middle of February giving whitewater rafters and kayakers a moist (naw...make that a W.E.T. River Trips) Valentine's gift. Much love came down from the skies from across the watery Pacific Ocean ranging from over 3 inches of rain in the Sacramento Valley to 10 inches in the upper foothills. Fat whiteness also dropped in the high country with over 3 feet of very WET snow.

This means that with 2 more months of precipitation left, our snow melt rivers like the North Fork American and Cal Salmon are in great shape and our dam-controlled rivers like the South Fork and Middle Fork American Rivers will gain added storage to ensure predictable, boatable flows well into late summer and early fall.

With more rain and snow to come, we are in for some big fun with great whitewater rafting, beautiful rivers, and mountainsides dripping with wildflower color.

It's going to rain and snow some more....Bring it.

My snowboard needs some exercise and so do my legs for that North Fork put-in, the scouting on the Cal Salmon, and the portaging on the Middle Fork... and not to mention for chasing Ryan Mac around the warehouse after he pulls another prank that needs major payback! Like I said...Bring it!

Another Big Poppa Post; are u hearing it Mac?

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