Monday, June 20, 2005

Brent Bradley, Kayaker

It's getting crowded on the rivers as more and more people come out from under this long wintery weather. The South Fork American was pretty crowded this past weekend. The days were beautiful with mild temperatures and big, fluffy clouds floating in the air. Lots of happy, smiling rafters on the Chili Bar and Gorge sections of the river.

On the Tuolumne, there was an extreme kayaker who was kayaking Clavey River and ended on a sad note with his death. See for details about this internationally known kayaker, Brent Bradley. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family & friends.

The river is a living thing. It has a soul and those of you who have been mesmerized by it's dance know that you have to respect it and revere it. We nag our clients and we let them know that rafting is fun but that anything can happen. Our hearts are with the spirit of the river and with those who may have been ultimately captured by them.

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