Saturday, June 04, 2005

Peak Flows - American River

Well, flows look like they have reached the peak on the American River rafting. Though the South Fork American is still running around 4,500 to 6,500 cfs, the North Fork American is starting to drop back to normal spring runoff levels. Last weekend was probably the last of the "big flows" on the NoFo. And we are still rafting the NoFo this weekend! What a great, long season on that beautiful river. While the media is still talking about extreme levels, in reality, the extreme flows are pretty much done.

SoFo will probably have solid Spring flows through June... and then back to normal... and then everyone will start whining about the lower flows. Sigh... you can't please everyone! Crew can't wait to get back over on the Middle Fork American. Flows over there have been wildly sporadic. Though it doesn't seem like much water pumping of Oxbow at only 2,500+ cfs, you just can't run certain rapids over there safely at those levels. As soon as it drops below 2,000 cfs, we'll be over there! Can't wait to see what Last Chance, Tunnel Chute & Texas Chainsaw will do to paddlers the rest of this season. Did the top of Tunnel Chute change? Did the boulders move around?

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