Thursday, June 16, 2005

North Fork American - Spring River Trips

Another rain storm has descended upon us! More water for the rivers. Just wanted to dispell some strange myths floating around the Bay Area right now.... seems that a bunch of the rafting companies are claiming that the North Fork American River has just started its season. Ha! Well, tell that to the 300 people that went with us this season starting in March 2005. All those people rafted on river flows from 1,500 cfs to 3,000 cfs.

We started early because the river did. And our clientele know when the flows begin. We had some beautiful sunny days during April that are rivaling the sunny days now (well, not today... rainy today), but those were the hardy folks who had rafted with us in the past. Bookmark this website so that you, too, will be a better informed paddler. Start rafting in the early season with your core friends and then come back during the summer months with your friends, family & colleagues. If you have a question about rafting, don't hesitate to email us or call. We will give you the best, educated answer regarding flows. This weekend should be a blast on the South Fork and North Fork American River!

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