Friday, June 24, 2005

Family and Kids on the American River

Here comes the weekend! Lots of families and kids coming this weekend on the South Fork American. Sun is shining and we can finally put away the wetsuits. Some of the kids will still be in them since their little bodies need that extra insulation. South Fork American has been running at 1,500 cfs up to 3,500 cfs. Great rapids and even better flows! Over on the Middle Fork American, flows have finally come down to safe levels and most of the rapids over there seem unchanged from last year. Justin, our headguide felt that Tunnel Chute seemed a bit easier... could be that he has seen and run that rapid so many times, that it may seem easy to him.

With families coming out in droves this year, we would like to remind parents to prepare their children for their outdoor experience. Listen to the guides carefully, read our information about rafting trips and how to prepare for them, slather everyone with sunblock, be well-rested for your rafting trip and don't party hard the night before! Summer is finally here and the living is definitely easy for those who are prepared for their California whitewater rafting on the American River!

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