Tuesday, January 31, 2006

An Apology of Sorts

Wow! Who wrote yesterday's blog? I got the calls and the emails yesterday afternoon. Most thought the blog was harsh, but also, most agreed privately with the sensibility of the tone. But I want to apolgize to our readers. You don't need to read about the gripes of the business of rafting. Most of you just want to join in on the fun. I wrote that after being very upset about my local grocery store leaving, Yahoo throwing in the towel on search, and finally, seeing our marketing efforts being used by competitors in an ackward attempt to confuse the paddling public. That was the last straw. It's all about business. The business of screwing your competitor. This country was born on the backs of small business overtaken by big business. As each small company is swallowed up by larger ones, a dreadful homogenous vision begins for that particular industry.

Driving on the freeway... anywhere in the country, one can find the "pleasant" McDonalds at any exit. Clean, shiny and oh so, comforting... you know this cheeseburger will be the same there as in your own hometown. Going to Walmart, we are comforted by the largeness of the choices and the low cost. The store in Kansas is the same in Texas. It's a oneness of mind and body and spiritual satisfaction... NOT. It is flippin' boring. Those of us who crave adventure may stop off at the local burger joint where cars line up with the locals biting into giant juicy burgers dripping with someone else's secret sauce. Or you might visit the local grocer who specializes in Italian cuisine where you can get the best bufalo (sp?) mozarella in town. It's the same in the rafting industry.

One outfitter specializes in wine tasting trips and another emphasizes women's empowerment. Others focus on one river where the difficulties command all their attention. And still another, focuses on adventure trips using climbing gear and rivers. These are the rafting companies who come from another place besides just business. W.E.T. River Trips specializes on the American River since 1978. Their love of their small companies and the love of teaching the public outweigh all the stupid marketing techniques out here. Go rafting with these special outfitters who bring their own personal character to their companies; I guarantee it that you won't regret it!

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