Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Romance on the River = Wedding!

Saul, senior headguide for W.E.T. River Trips has announced his engagement to the most lovely lady. Their tale is a river story in itself. Meeting on a 12-day journey through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, it was love at first sight. Well, maybe not quite that corny, but it is definitely a romantic beginning. The Grand Canyon is famous for romance.. you have great looking, athletic guides, a mesmorizing environment, multiple days on the river and vulnerable clients. A perfect setting for love to bloom. How many times have I heard this: "... he/she was a rafting client and we met and we rode off into the sunset?"

The river is a special place. Love blooms just from being there. I remember clients who left their careers and lives to ride on the waves and dream with their guide. What makes a reasonable person leave all behind? Magic... it is pure magic on the river. Multiple day trips should be done with the mindset of a life changing event. By day three, you are on river time. Everything slows down. Everything is amplified. Emotions... joy or sorrow is magnified and dealt with in a reality setting unseen by any tv show. It's a oneness with your surroundings... yeh yeh... hippie jargon rears its ugly head! But, I'm not kidding... that's real. Of course, a night in Vegas will cure that and bring you back to your own reality.

The mutiple day trips are booking now from 3 day Middle Fork American River tours, 5 day Klamath River, 4 day Rogue in Oregon and the grand-daddy of them all, the 12 day Colorado through the Grand Canyon. Plan early for these popular river trips. Colorado books almost year in advance and many europeans and east coasters come to the wild west for all of these trips. Try to do them all in your lifetime. To start with, begin your river rafting journeys on the American River trips first.

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