Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Arnold's Motorcycle Accident

This is a plea to our Governator: please stop riding your motorcycle... especially with your 12 year old son! 40 years old and up is the largest accident demographic for motorcycle riders. Men who reach ages from 40 to 60... boomer age... are looking for thrills. Many rode during their youth, gave it up when "adult" responsibilities kicked in and now, are purchasing motorcycles faster than the younger riders. This group, unfortunately has a lot of accidents. This is the second time our governor has had an accident. We understand. We are in the business of thrills... except we provide it in the safest way possible. Those of you who are loyal readers know how crazy our staff and our guides are when they go out during extreme conditions to do the whitewater rapids. Private boating is one of extremes. They push the limits so that when our clients come out for their commercial rafting "thrill," we know that it is a very controlled setting of normal flows in below extreme conditions.

Last year's boating public got a taste of high water. The highest flow last spring on the South Fork American with clients only reached 10,000 cfs. This year, kayakers and rafters did the same stretch at 42,000 cfs last month. Keep that in mind... and Govenor, if you want a great thrill without clunking your body onto the pavement, come out again and go rafting!

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