Monday, January 09, 2006

Seasoned Women vs Senior Women

The Active Senior Woman or Whatever You Want to Call Them
This past weekend, I read Gail Sheehy's article in the newspaper insert, Parade Magazine. The article promotes her new book, "Sex and the Seasoned Woman." The gist of the article and book talks about the resurgence of a woman's second life... you know, pre, during and post-menopause. This resurgence occurs with many women from the baby boomer era. These women are 41 to 60 years old now. They are the ones who actual make decisions about the spending in the family budget. They are also the ones who may have already raised their children, been divorced or widowed by their husbands and have started new businesses, careers or have gone back to school! I would definitely rank these "seasoned women" as the new movers and shakers of our economy.

You've met these women. They are the ones who are starting businesses faster than any other demographic in this nation. Not just babysitting, child care businesses... they are opening up online stores, services in their neighborhoods, freelancing their skills to corporate America, organizing and implementing political networks and truely becoming a force to recognize. Sheehy call this the "Pursuit of the Passionate Life."

The passion that these women have for life is inescapable. It is contagious. Yes, they garden, bake and participate in knitting clubs; but they also, go to the gym. They worry about their health. They live well and they eat well. They also like to play well.

One of our oldest groups of rafting clients, is a group of boomer-age women who come out every year to do one of the forks of the American River. The group started as a women's softball team back in the late 70's. These powerful, athletic women would organize a river trip just to satiate the passionate desires for a whitewater thrill and the outdoors. Athletic, aggressive paddlers, they accomplished the South Fork American with ease. Then onto the Middle Fork American River for the Tunnel Chute thrill. Only a few of them did the North Fork American and some even went up to the Cal Salmon. They did the Merced and the Tuolumne Rivers and some even went on the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. Now most of them are in their late 50's and 60's. They are bringing their grandchildren and their own kids on our trips. Last year, one of them shared the experience with their favorite grandson.

If you know a "seasoned woman," let her know about whitewater rafting. For the passionate woman who loves life, this is a thrill that will add much to her memories. Come out and go rafting with your favorite friends. Join us this spring and bring other "seasoned women" with you!

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