Monday, March 05, 2007

Drainage; California Snowpack

My first day of snowboarding was March 2nd... the latest start for me ever but, I'm happy to say it was freakin' awesome; no lines and first tracks through thigh-high deep powder. On the drive-up Hwy 80, I saw the first patches of snow just before Colfax, and it just got deeper and deeper until Donner Summit where 12' banks teetered over the highway. The blue-bird conditions were perfect.

Sunday, I went up again to Sugar Bowl. The place was packed, light clouds shifted overhead, and I was with three of our teen staff members. The snow was still deep and light. From the top of Mt. Lincoln, I could look down into the upper drainage of the North Fork of the American River and all I could see was deep white snow... the North Fork whitewater is going to flow strong and long!

After a few more runs off of Lincoln, I made the traverse to Mt. Judah and re-connected with the teens, waded through the crowds and rolled down Hwy 80... another great day and a great North Fork season is just a coupla weeks away.

I've still got the time to make it to Kirkwood and see what's coming down the hill for the South Fork American (Kirkwood had 14 feet of snow in three weeks!)... happy to say.

Sidebar: both the drainage for the North Fork and the South Fork American look very healthy after these past few storms. Looks like a great 2007 rafting season after all despite the dry January!

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