Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Break - California Rafting Trips

California Rafting picture
Spring break is here already... another year of debauchery. A parent called this week in an uproar over their child's decision to hit the Cancun circuit in Mexico. We had a long talk about spring break craziness as we both knew what our children would be doing on those trips.

It got me thinking about past years when we had college students from across the country on our spring break rafting trips. Mostly college students who loved the outdoors and were bonding together as a small group of tight friends... some were traveling across the country as they headed towards California mecca of rafting and paddling trips. These young adults seemed a bit more mature about where their lives were heading. Sure, they spilled out of their cars with the same wild abandonment as any other young person, but they were here to tackle some California rafting instead of hanging out on the beach getting wasted.

The guys were here with the machismo bravado of the whitewater paddler, while the girls just wanted to hang with their best friends. No "Girls gone Wild" types... just a bunch of really great young people having a good 'ol time on the river.

I wonder how we parents survive watching our kids jump out into the real and wild world of partying and getting crazy. I mean, we all did this in varying degrees; some of our old friends still act as if life was a spring break!

Traveling and exploring is definitely a rite of passage into adulthood... we parents just hope that where ever they are, they are safe, sound and having a good time.

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