Tuesday, March 20, 2007

North Fork Season Opener

80 degrees, 1,500 cfs, 2 paddle rafts, 1 oar boat, and 2 safety kayaks... add to the North Fork American and we couldn't have had a better commercial season opener for the 2007 Rafting season. A group of past clients, mixed in with some newbies, were guided by Mac, Wolf, and Jason with Andrew and his buddy Greg watching the flock from their kayaks, had an amazing day.

After picking up the clients at Camp Lotus where they spent the evening in the Camp Lotus lodges, we rolled to the Iowa Hill put-in and found ourselves the only company on the river...the day just got better and better.

The hills were green and filled with blooming Lupine and Poppies. The side creeks were still pumping in fresh flow to contribute to the 1,500 CFS we were getting at the put in. Chamberlain Falls, Slaughter's Sluice, Bogus Thunder, and Staircase were run cleanly without incident. It was a little dicey when Wolf tried to beat Jason into Slaughter's and almost peeled him into the entrance rocks; however, Jason showed he wasn't rusty and pulled his oarboat back to let Wolf drop-in and both boats ran the rapid cleanly... like it should be run.

Great day, good flow, great guides, and clean... like the North Fork needs to be run. Oh and that sunny 80 degree day in mid-March...that was bonus!

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