Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Flows on California Rivers

I was reluctant to post anything about the news we received last Thursday. Thursday was the day that every California outfitter arrived with clipboard, ipad, cell phone and reading glasses to gain an inkling of knowledge about the river flows for 2014.

South Fork American River and Middle Fork American River stream

We are going to have flows on (3) of our rivers this year. Here is the flow regime as outlined by our representatives and the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) contracts for South Fork American, Middle Fork American and Klamath River.

FLOWS 2014: California Rivers

The political arena should be a hot bed this year as less rain and snow have fallen. The Southern portion of the state is already burning due to very dry foliage and winds. 

Yesterday, I went out to Folsom Lake to see that reservoir very dry. South Fork American is out and flowing all the way past the old, historical Salmon Falls bridge. That means this year, we will be encouraging our paddlers to float the "Gorge Run" for a longer whitewater trip.

Middle Fork American Tunnel Chute rapid with WET River Trips

Pray for rain and snow... Miracle March has happened before way back in 1991, and we hope it happens again.

Thanks to W.E.T. River Trips for their photos from Flickr.

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