Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Got Whitewater!

We got whitewater is our rallying cry! Rain and snow hit Northern California and soften the impending cries of "foul" towards Mother Nature. Yes, Mom took care of our world with a good shower of water and snow in the mountains.

We have flows this year... period.

WET Guests on South Fork American River

Flow schedule:

South Fork American River : everyday except for Tues and Wed!
Middle Fork American River : everyday!

Thanks to our representatives for their timely update!

"...hydro licenses on the South Fork of the American...  Those negotiations concluded back in 2007 and, though the new license is just being issued this spring, the flow regimes that were agreed upon have been followed by those two utilities since then... Chili Bar run on the South Fork ... Please note that in even the driest of water years (which this year is looking to be) we will still be getting 5 days of good water (with Tuesdays and Wednesdays dry) from Memorial Day all through the summer until Labor Day."

Now back to the river!
Call us and let's play on the river with all those rapids!
We got whitewater for 2014!!!

Call 888.723.8938 to make your reservations.
If you call, we will offer a better rate or discount!

W.E.T. River Trips has whitewater!
All pics by WET River Trips in Flickr

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