Monday, January 27, 2014

RAIN This Week!

The rain gods have heard us. The weather predictors are asking us to believe them when they say that rain is coming this week. Sigh... how many times have I heard that? The sky was promising this past week. Each morning, I would wake up to a sky full of wispy clouds. Then the last couple of days, the sky was dotted with fluffy clouds creating a grid-like pattern. Hmm... maybe rain.

I took a walk this past weekend to attend the Sacramento Bacon Week's offerings at Sellands Cafe. Good eats with a nice bottle of wine only set us back $25 for the two of us. We all walked over to share in Sellands promotion, and all of us hung out there for quite awhile sipping wine and talking about the weather.

Most of the neighbors had brown lawns or had already converted their water-hogging lawns to a xeriscape. Drought tolerant plants along with rock gardens made my day as I walked along appreciating what everyone is trying to say and do.

California is a desert. Yes, we have snow and rain that create the spring runoff and placates us with the allusion of a lot of water.

It's only the reservoirs and storage systems above those rivers that help to create the steady flow for Agriculture, Energy and Recreation. Wiser people than me have created that system. And, this year, with so little rain and snow, we all begin to hear the cries of "drought."

We should all do what we can to prevent the wasteful distribution of this water. Stop running the faucets for every flippin' reason. Wash your hands, but turn off the flow until you are ready to rinse. Wash your dishes only once a day. Don't wash your car in the drive way, please! Save it for a once in a blue moon, and wash that car at the carwash where they do recycle the water.

Politicians are looking at taking Northern California's water to the Southern California to redistribute the abundance (well, not this year...) of our water to the mostly desert environment of the southern part of our state. Let's nix that idea until everyone of us has a curb on our swimming pools, our water sucking lawns, our wasteful use of any water and our penchanct of keeping everything uber clean (a little dirt won't hurt you).

Drink your water. Taste that delicious liquid. This is the nectar of the gods. Seriously.

Next time you are on the river with us, thank the Gods that you are privileged to enjoy this whitewater trip with your family and friends. We do... we thank them everyday!

Praying for more rain and snow,
W.E.T. River Trips staff

written by ~ el
all pics by WET River Trips
xeriscape lawn pic by Don King Landscaping

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BigPoppaJah said...

Doing y part: conserving water every way possible and sending out positive vibes to Mother Nature and any other Deity that can hear!