Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year! Ranting...

2014... and here we go.
The funny thing is the post.
You know... snap a pic, post it.
Maybe say a few words describing it or adding a link.
You know.

Now it's all about networks.
Which network are you on?

Here is what I see.
Networks that don't network anything but their proprietory content.
Websites that say nothing but show a lot of pictures.
Blogs that are totally not news, but blurbs from news media.
Talking heads saying virtually nothing except repeating the same content from a gazillion other news feeds.

Who will be the journalists?
Who will write the content that we need to read to make decisions on our next politician or bond issue or initiative?

Who will teach us anything new?
Who will teach us anything?

I can not even find the simplest thing anymore.
When I want to find out something simple, I am faced with a barrage of lists that only give me stuff I can buy.
Maybe I want to know more.
Maybe I want to know where it originated, or why it's called that, or what it means.
Maybe I just have a hunger for knowledge.

Oh, well...
I guess I'll just buy it.
Buy it until I
can not buy another thing...

frustrated as hell...
i'm at the return counter at Nordie.

Just a little rant from the peanut gallery at W.E.T. River Trips
Thank you Google images for the pics!
Thanks to techblogspot and urbanmoxy for their pics!

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