Friday, April 07, 2006


W.E.T. River Trips is looking forward to good weather ahead. Dreary skies are gone today. North Fork American is still raging at around 4,500 cfs today. Most of our NoFo paddlers will be over on the South Fork American this weekend, though by Sunday, we should be able to have a go... as long as no new storms come in. We feel like farmers over here... farming whitewater. Watching the sky, watching the weather reports and praying like crazy that the storms will start bypassing Central California. We need a reprieve from this nutty spring. And of course, as soon as it stops, it'll suddenly become summer. That's the weather here in California. One day, cold and raining; the next 100 degrees.

We've got guide school going on this week along with great, adventurous guests who don't care about a "little rain." Hardy souls who love the outdoors and enjoy being on the river. Almost all of our guide staff are back with us. A couple have gone on to "real" jobs, but will still be out here on weekends. They just can't get it out of their systems. One newbie is a past guest who is paddle crazy. He's been hanging around our crew (uh oh... tainted already!) and enjoying several river trips with W.E.T., Trib, Echo, Sierra Mac and other rafting companies. He's done more river miles than most first year guides. He loves rafting. He's got a real profession and doesn't need to be a working guide. He's addicted... that's what the river will do when your heart is totally open.

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