Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here Comes the Sun Da Da Da Blah

Okey already. Mom Nature... I'm growing mold. Moss is growing on the sidewalk. Okey, already. It's been raining for weeks. A small speck of sun peeked painfully through the dark-grey, marshmallow goo today. Just a few days of sun... please.

Just watching the rain through my window... the gym is depressing. At this time of the year, you're suppose to be gardening, planting the annuals in their planter boxes; playing basketball, hoopin' it with your best buddies; kicking a soccer ball, playing with your youngest child; or stripping your shirt off, rafting on the American River.

Relentless dripping from that leaky downspout... I'm watching... drip rivers into the flower beds. All that water dropping into crevases worn into the rocky surroundings... acting like funnels into a greater cavity. The rock acts as obstacles and the water travels through the places where there is the least resistance. Carving, carving into the weak areas, a creek, a stream, a river forms. If the gradient is steep, then you have serious whitewater.

Oh, Mom Nature. I stand humbled by your mighty powers. Could you just cool it for a little while?
Hey, it's sunny today... prayers have been answered!

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