Monday, April 24, 2006

More Flow Info on the NoFo American

Another concern for the North Fork American is the inordinate amount of snowpack that we are experiencing in the Sierras (180%... and that's not slightly above last year!). Some of the websites are claiming that the NoFo won't be runnable until late June or July... WHA? Come on... that's definitely inaccurate. If Lake Clementine flows are measuring 3,300 cfs then you know that the side creeks below Chamberlain Falls is kicking the cfs up. In reality, the flow at the put-in is approximately 300 - 400 cfs below the Clementine gauge. The NoFo is runnable today. And remember, the watershed for the North Fork American is smaller than for the other sections of the American River.

Anyway, the higher flows on the North Fork do demand experienced, athletic aggressive paddlers. We do not recommend beginners at flows above 2,500 cfs or at any other flow. Respect this river... it demands it.

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