Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CONSPIRACY? North Fork American

Yesterday, we checked a well-known flow site for the NoFo. Go to index page, click on to the California West slope... just like we do everyday for the past few years... let's see... hmm the North Fork Clementine flow is gone! Weird. So we look around and find a link for other flows. Click onto that and the identical page comes up with a different URL, but there it is finally. Hmmm, weird. The flow shows a 1,000 cfs bump up from yesterday. That's really weird. What's going on here? So we go to the actual CDEC gov site and find that the flow is actually only 3500 instead of 4800 cfs. It's like the whole chart was bumped up for the last 3 days. Impossible! Weird. Hmmm... is it the Doolittle camp? Are they trying to make sure no one goes on this river? Is it an attempt to destroy the numbers of people who enjoy this run? Ooooooh, a conspiracy of sorts... by the dam builders.

North Fork American flow is actually at 3300 today. We'll keep watching the flow for the NoFo but we'll get the info from the CDEC sites. More on this mystery at a later date...

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