Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shopping, Skiing and Rafting!

San Francisco was in an especially dramatic mood. Sky was threatening with dark clouds. Easter weekend is a pilgrimage of sorts. Every year, our family visits the graves of our ancestors and honors them with flowers. The wind was so strong and the grass was so saturated from recent storms, that we had to shorten the visit to accommodate the younger members of our group. After our annual ritual, we went into the downtown area and shopped around. Some of the teens wanted to go to Urban Outfitters for new spring clothes. We ran into a bunch of friends there as we all compared our newly purchased stuff.

We could tell that the youthful teen group was planning to dress for the chance of the sun shining soon. Shorts, t-shirts, flip flops were stuffed into bags. Squeals of delight were punctuated with comments about spring and summer plans. A bunch of us were going to Squaw this week to ski and hang out. Some of the group were combining a North Fork American River trip to highlight a skiing and rafting week. Only in California, dude... was the most common refrain.

The flows have been wild all around the Central and Northern California rivers. Storm after storm has boasted the flows up for a back to back year of high water. Most of the trips in the past couple of weeks have been on the South Fork American. This popular Class III+ river is kicking up a storm of big rapids and big holes... and to top it off; this week, the sun is shining!

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