Thursday, April 27, 2006

SUMMER already?

Yikes, it's HOT! The weather is starting to feel more like the beginnings of summer, and the rivers are starting to really roll. Almost everyone is calling about the high water on the South Fork American. Another big water year is in store. Flows are ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 cfs daily. Fun, big water with rolling waves. Over on the Middle Fork American, flows have been fluctuating on the high side of 3,500+ cfs. Too high to run Tunnel Chute and it becomes a serious "expedition." On the North Fork Chamberlain Falls run, the flows are on the upward cycle. Also, too high for commercial rafting this weekend.

Those of you who are true rafting enthusiasts, get on the best runs this week. Best high water flow for the next week or so will be on the South Fork American and Merced River. It is going to be a blast this year! Even this summer, we won't be having low flows (like so many of you complain about during "regular" years!

Check out this pic from last weekend's high water South Fork American River! That is a horizontal shot... no shzzzz! The holes are big and feels like a rollercoaster ride:

Get out and paddle!
The sun is SHINING!

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