Monday, April 03, 2006

Big Water on the South Fork American

Lots of action this weekend on the South Fork American. Rafters, kayakers were out in full force enjoying the high flows. California Rafting W.E.T. River Trips had a trip on the water with crew members, Saul, Jason & Jonny. People had a blast. Our trip had an adventurous group who hung with the crew enjoying the big waves on the upper section. Meatgrinder Rapid was raging with lots of big holes and surf action. One 2 day group had to be brought over from the
North Fork American since the flows came up around 3,500 cfs over there. Estimates for the South Fork were about 7,500 cfs though the flow charts everywhere were stuck at 5,000 cfs. With sidecreeks, flows are usually greater than the charts will indicate. Best bet for educating yourself about flows is to call the outfitter on that particular river. We have to extrapolate and estimate the flows from past experience and historical use. Safety kayakers and sweep boats are being used now during this higher flow. It's going to be another great season this year!

Our creeking kayakers are in heaven. Lots of creeks and streams are enticing the extreme kayakers. Just heard from Ryan (he's back from Brazil) this morning; he's heading out for as many creeks as he can kayak. He'll be back at safety kayaking soon... after he gets the creekin' madness out of his system.

Another round of storms is coming in this week. We're sick of the rain; don't we live in California? Our Oregon rafting friends just laugh since this type of weather is the norm up there!
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